Waveplay Interactive: Changing the Game of Today’s Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising has become a trending way to promote a brand and business in the Philippines these days, and this is mainly due to its various formats that promote name recall. Indeed, there are only a few companies in the country that focus on interactive marketing and advertising; however, if there’s one name that stands out from the rest, then that would be Waveplay Interactive.

Waveplay Interactive has been making a buzz for its wide array of interactive advertising techniques that suit well with various clients-from brands and businesses to people who simply want to add more spice to their private events. But the company is more than just that-in fact, it is instrumental in changing the way advertising works in the country by bridging the gap between brands and audiences using their engaging executions.


2015_08_26_1302082015_08_29_130251One of the ways in which Waveplay Interactive changed the way marketing is done in the Philippines is through its digital photobooths. The company specializes in digital photobooths that are not only creative, but are also equipped with interactive features. These include custom games, animations, augmented reality, and even the use of touch screen end-user controlled photobooth setups. These photobooths are able to hit two birds with one stone: create memories of the brand which its audiences can share in an offline and online scale, and establish brand recall which its end users can carry anywhere they go.

Waveplay Interactive has likewise dabbled on motion gaming, where audiences cans play either in individual or group games by means of body motions. These games have been used in various occasions, including that in Eat Bulaga’s  “Kaliwa o Kanan” segment and Yahoo! Purple Hunt. Through interactive motion gaming, players are given a new environment to exercise their wits, and enjoy spending time with the brand.

With these approaches alone, Waveplay Interactive has been successful in creating a more in-depth feel to advertising, as it helps link brands and audiences with common and shared moments. But the company isn’t stopping here; its pool of experts continues to develop new ways to bring interactive advertising to new heights, and ultimately build deeper relationships between their clients and their target users alike.




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About The Author: Karlee Garner

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