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The Best (and eco-friendliest) ways to get rid of mice and rodents

How do you get rid of mice and other rodents for good? In Canada, mice and other rodents can contaminate foods while depositing more than 18,000 droppings. Contaminated foods in Canada are greater than what is consumed by its people. So what can get rid of these most unwelcome guests?
JDM Pest Control, one of Canada’s pest control companies serving the Greater Toronto area among others, uses Eco-Friendly pest control methods to prevent mice and other rodents from invading your space.

So, what kind of damage can mice and rats do over a span of time? A lot! That is why you have to get them  out and gone right away!

rat hole

Damage caused by mice and rats:

There can be a variety of problems and damage caused by mice and rats. Whether it’s chewed up upholstery or girdling trees, there are three areas that categorize the damage done by these rodents:

  1. Consumption of food
  2. Structural damage to buildings or homes
  3. Other chewing or digging damage

What are some effective ways of prevention?

  • Get rid of reason such as food sources
  • Get rid of potential entrance routes
  • Eliminate any further rodent population

These rodents have destructive habits. Mice are the cause of disease transmission. One such disease has been responsible for adult respiratory distress syndrome in Canada and the United States.


What kind of public health impact do mice cause?

Mice and other rodents can transmit diseases including hantavirus, rickettsia pox and salmonellosis. There is also contamination of foods with infected rodent droppings. Mice and rats are also noted for carrying many types of roundworms and tapeworms which can be infectious to both humans and their pets. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) which can be transmitted by rodents can cause severe illness and even death in humans.


Many people in Canada have problems with mice in their homes, barns, back sheds and even farm equipment. Some ways of getting rid of mice are easier than others. But with an Eco-friendly service, you can get rid of these troubling rodents naturally, in a sound and efficient manner that also does not harm the environment.

If you want to rid your home, and farm equipment of mice and rodents, there are plenty of eco-friendly products out there to help you do this. But a professional service is definitely the way to go, as opposed to the traditional trapping and killing methods.

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