Sitting Pretty at the Spa in Toronto!

Look around any corner in Toronto and you will see shops that offer one or two beauty services, such as nail salons, hair studios or massage therapists.

A popular alternative these days is to use a full service spa instead of booking appointments at different businesses. Isn’t enjoying the privacy of soaking in an aromatic foot bath before visiting an in-house stylist preferable to racing off to your hairdresser with your nails still tacky from the pedicure you just got at the shop up the street?

Spas are a place to pamper your body and refresh your spirit. Spa services include professional hair removal, nail treatments, massage services as well as facial and body care. Adding up the cost of traveling to several specialists and the time it takes to make all those appointments, going to a full service spa is actually pretty budget friendly. Once you experience the unparalleled customer care and heavenly products offered at a spa, you won’t want to get back on the beauty service merry go round of visiting several specialty shops for your cosmetic needs.


Spas are a lucrative business for many beauty professionals in the Toronto area. Because of the popularity of spa treatments, many cosmetic professionals prefer to open or work for a spa because of the artistic atmosphere and state of the art esthetic tools available. Those who succeed in the spa business are those enjoy making others happy while making a good living. One of the best parts of the spa experience is the lushness of the nail, hair, and body care products that make a valued client feel ten years younger. Whether you are a customer or a cosmetic artist, you can appreciate the wide range of beauty aids used for spa treatments.

cosmeticsOne of the companies that provides these sought after products and cosmetic tools to beauty spas is Intercosmetics. They carry a wide array of the newest spa supplies. From lash extensions to holistic body treatment products, they have the latest designer esthetic products. If you are in the beauty business, visit to find out about their certification classes, offered all across the Ontario area so cosmetic professionals can keep abreast of the hottest trends in the spa service world like hot stone therapy treatments and eyebrow artistry. Intercosmetics also offers consulting services to help the newbie business owner set up the perfect spa salon.

So whether you are taking a break from the pressures of daily life to pamper yourself or want to go into a lucrative business that pampers others, a beauty spa is the place to be.


About The Author: Karlee Garner

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