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Protect your Home and your Family with Yearly Carpet Steam Cleaning

Now that cold weather is fast approaching, people will be spending more time relaxing and entertaining indoors. This the perfect opportunity to do some deep house cleaning, before the relatives and friends arrive to celebrate the holidays. After all of the other cleaning is complete, it’s time to focus on the area of the home that can hold four times its weight in dirt, the carpet. Weekly vacuuming can remove some of the surface dirt, but to get to the deep embedded dirt and germs, it’s recommended that regular maintenance carpet cleaning is completed along with a yearly professional deep steam-cleaning.

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Regular yearly deep steam-cleaning of carpets doesn’t just remove dirt, germs, and odors from carpet. Deep cleaning of carpets will prolong the life of the carpet, protecting a costly home investment. A professional steam-cleaning will create a healthier indoor environment for family members. Carpet traps allergens and indoor air pollutants, which can aggravate the condition of any family member, who has allergies or asthma. A clean stain free carpet will enhance the appearance of the entire room, and give visitors an introduction to the overall cleanliness of the entire home.
There are four main types of carpet cleaning choices that will remove dirt and germs from carpet, they are bonnet, foam encapsulation, dry compound, and hot water/steam extraction. In bonnet cleaning, dirt is removed from the carpet by applying the cleaning solution to the carpet using a buffer moving in a circular motion. Foam encapsulation entails applying a cleaning agent, and allowing the cleaner to be absorbed into the carpet. The dirt is then removed by vacuuming the carpet. Dry compound cleaning of carpet is similar to foam encapsulation with the exception that the cleaning agent is a dry product, and is scrubbed or brushed into the carpet, before the dirt is removed by vacuuming. During hot water/steam extraction a steam mist is injected into the carpet, and immediately extracted removing dirt and germs with it. Caledon Steam Clean in Brampton, can perform all of these types of cleaning methods. They will provide a personal consultation and determine the carpet cleaning needs of household, to ensure a healthy clean environment.

There are many low cost carpet cleaning choices available in the Brampton, Ontario, area. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, consideration should be given to choose a company that can offer a variety of cleaning services. Caledon Steam Clean provides regular maintenance carpet cleaning along with yearly deep-steam cleaning. They provide the needed carpet cleaning services to ensure a year round healthy indoor environment for the entire family to enjoy.


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