Moving to Canada, think Toronto

canadian countryside

Canadian Countryside

Have you considered living or working in Canada? This beautiful northern nation of provinces and territories has over 6,000 square miles of land; enough to find your dream home, a suitable work environment, and plenty of places to explore on your days off. If you’ve ever been to Canada, you already know that it has more than its share of friendly inhabitants willing to lend you a hand when you need one.

Major cities and shopping

You will discover ample places to shop for the right gift for your friends and family. Whether you’re visiting the Kensington Market in Toronto, Bayshore Shopping Centre in Ottawa, or Galeries de Capitale in Quebec City, you won’t be disappointed. While Ontario has a 13% tax, it won’t stop you from finding goods and souvenirs at prices you can afford. Whatever may interest you, your entertainment and shopping needs will be covered in large metropolitan cities like Toronto.


Whether you are just visiting or a student on a work visa, the remarkable city of Toronto has much to offer. While Ripley’s Aquarium, CN Tower, Casa Loma or the University of Toronto are only a few destinations, there are plenty of activities to pursue and places to explore. When you plan to relax after your busy day, check out the local restaurants like Richmond Station, Scaramouche or LaVinia for an exceptional dining experience. Being the Capital of Ontario has its advantages and makes it an excellent place for employment and play. With a population of over 2.5 million and several businesses to choose, you won’t have trouble finding the rewards for your labor.


If you are planning to work in Toronto, there are plenty of employment services to help you find just the right job that meets your needs. Whether you are an accountant or a financial consultant, a production operator or a sales clerk, there are plenty of possibilities here. If you haven’t found the perfect job yet, check out websites like to explore your employment opportunities.

Consultant Services

If you are considering that final step, residency, or just modifying your work stay, you will want a qualified consultant service. Just north of Toronto, in Markham, is Maxcan Immigration Services. The incalculable assistance offered by companies like this will guide you through the myriad of paperwork needed to obtain a work visa, sponsorship, or permanent residency, and they won’t leave you wondering whether your application has been properly filled out or if you have the needed qualifications.

border patrol
Government Services

Check out your options carefully; be selective and ask questions before you begin the process. You can contact Citizen and Immigration Canada at, Canada Border Services Agency at or the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada at, to get information before you begin. If you are not a web surfing buff, each of these sites also has local addresses and phone numbers listed. Whether you’ve decided just to visit or plan to immigrate, you won’t be disappointed.


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