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Looking for the BEST salon in Forest Hill Toronto?

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Every woman or man wants to look beautiful on a daily basis, whether we have short, medium or long hair. Women and men as professionals or Homemakers have very busy days. Ergys employees treat each customer with respect and always use a friendly conversation to get to know each individual they encounter. Each employee wants to leave you feeling as if you’re a friend, not just a number or plain customer. Ergys Studio respects the time of each of their customers. That is why the services they perform are efficient and timely. With each conversation, the professional will get a general idea of what the customer needs and wants are so that each experience is better than the next.


dying hairDying hair at home can be time consuming, stressful and confusing with so many products to choose from. At home Dyes can be harsh on your hair, leaving your hair dry and brittle over time. Each hairstylist at is trained to deliver professional quality that each customer desires. They know the importance of using dyes that are chemical-friendly, leaving your hair beautiful with every application. The hair color that they use are simply the best, leaving hair shiny and full of volume.


Not only does the studio do hair but they also have a professional quality Spa room where additional pampering begins. They offer pedicures, manicures, waxing, and massage at reasonable cost to leave you relaxed, stress-free and beautiful with every experience.


Each experience is unique to the individual and different at each visit, but the outcome of the visit is always the same because each professional want to make you feel like the person you deserve at each scheduled visit. If you choose to visit Ergys Studio in Toronto for spa or salon needs, your experience will be undeniably exceptional. At Ergys Studio, you will be given quality at its best.

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