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It is important to live a healthy life that focuses on wellness. Shoulder pain can prevent you from doing things you enjoy. If you are looking for shoulder pain services in Vaughan you can go to trusted centres such as Wilderman Medical Clinic, Vaughan Wellness Clinic and Synergy Rehab and Physiotherapy Centre. Each of these locations have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialize in the treatment of shoulder pain relating to car accidents, work type injuries and sports mishaps. There are 5 key ways to take control of your chronic shoulder pain.

24-Hour Urgent Care Treats Shoulder Injuries

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Whenever you experience ongoing pain it is time to make an appointment to see a specialist. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is not right. Shoulder pain can prevent you from doing simple task such as typing. It can also prevent you from turning a steering wheel, sleeping comfortably, lifting items and more.
24-hour Urgent Care clinics can accommodate walk-ins for emergency shoulder pain. If you were injured in a car or work related accident you will need to be examined by a professional as soon as possible. An x-ray can reveal if injuries are severe enough to require immediate follow up or if another referral is needed.

Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

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Rehabilitation is recommended by a doctor in a variety of situations. It is common after procedures such as rotator cuff surgery. Therapy is also suggested after certain types of car accidents, such as if you were rear ended and have whiplash. A referral to a physical therapist can help to ease shoulder pain in these types of incidents.

Massage Therapy Can Ease Shoulder Discomfort

Referrals to a registered massage therapist can help with comfort and prevention of tight muscles that contribute to shoulder pain and discomfort. Athletes can also benefit from massage therapy. Massage can relax both the body and the mind prior to a big sporting event. Athletes perform better when they feel lose, because it gives them more flexible with their movement.

Chiropractors and Treatment for Shoulder Pain


Doctors who specialize in chiropractic care can treat shoulder pain by manipulating the spine. This aids in a broader range of motion so the shoulder works more efficiently. Many times a chiropractor can treat a patient’s shoulder discomfort without using drugs or medication. Chiropractic care is a natural, healthy way to gain treatment.

Orthotics can Help Correct Shoulder Aches


If your feet are not supported by your shoes it can take a toll on your spine. Misalignment of your spine in turn can result in shoulder pain. IN order to prescribe orthotics, a clinician will perform a gait analysis. Based on the results a custom orthotic might be recommended in order to allieve shoulder pain.

If you or a loved one has been dealing with shoulder pain, go to Wilderman Medical Clinic, Vaughan Wellness Clinic or Synergy Rehab and Physiotherapy Centre. They have a variety of professionals who are ready to work with you so you can recover from your injury, accident, strained or sprained muscles. They know the latest treatment methods to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and discomfort. Their multidisciplinary approach will treat you wholistically and quickly.


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