Insurance Lawyers Provide Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

Accidents can and will happen. It’s a fact of life that we all have to deal with at some time or other during our lives. In some cases, accidents are small and inconsequential, the people involved may have a ‘no harm, no foul’ attitude and walk away, especially if no gets hurt or no damage has been done. But what happens when someone is badly injured in an accident that could have been avoided? Accidents due to negligence can cause severe injury or even death, crippling a family and destroying lives. Many people who are injured due to someone else negligence, find themselves lost in a sea of pain, confusion and mounting debt. Insurance companies often use this time of despair and confusion to settle claims for little or next to nothing. Hiring a reputable insurance or personal injury lawyer can bring hope to the families of people injured or killed in accidents caused by someone else’s negligence.

Honest and dependable Lawyer

Patience in crucial when selecting an honest and dependable personal injury lawyer or insurance lawyer. Many victims of personal injury settle for the first lawyer who approaches them with promises of huge monetary settlements in short periods of time. Victims and families of victims should beware of lawyers who seek quick settlements and pressure clients to sign contracts without thoroughly explaining the terms. Never sign an agreement with any attorney until you have done a thorough job of researching their background. A trusted attorney will offer hope, not just fast and easy settlements. While researching the attorney’s history, find out how many cases they have actually tried. Ask for references from other clients. Find out how many cases they have won or lost and what types of settlements they may have reached.

Set an appointment

After your research, set a time and date to meet with the attorney, then ask yourself a simple question: Do I like this person? If you are unsure about your answer, ask more questions. Try to get to know the person. If you are working with an attorney from Yermus & Associates or any other small firm, get to know the other members within the firm. Lawyers are people too, contrary of what people say, so see how they interact with each other at work. If the firm feels and acts like a family, then that’s a good sign.
A good insurance lawyer will be honest and up-front about your case. Whether you work with an individual or a firm like Yermus & Associates, your best interest should always be a personal injury lawyers concern, not just a fast and quick settlement.


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