How to Survive Your Child’s First Day of Daycare or Preschool

If your a parent the day is inevitable. The terrifying day when you have to trust the care of your child to someone else. For many people this day comes when your child starts preschool. How do you and your child get through that first day? How do you choose the right preschool? What is the rush? Why not wait til they start regular school?


The first step to surviving this hard but necessary milestone is research. You want to know your child is in the hands of people you trust. That they will be safe, have fun, and learn. You should read about the options near you and see what they have to offer and what their reputation is. What is their philosophy for caring for and teaching children? Many day cares and preschools offer websites where you can learn all about them. Examples of this is La Canada Preschool and Leslie Street Daycare.

playgroundSo you’ve found a daycare or preschool you are comfortable with. Perhaps you are still wondering why now? Won’t it be easier when they are older? Preschool has many benefits for children. It allows them to interact with other children and new authority figures. It not only prepares them for learning when they reach school age, but allows them to learn and get a head start when they are ready for school. It also presents learning in a fun way, and if you can instill a love of learning at a young age, they will have it their entire lives.

Their are also advantages for parents. In many families both parents work, but even if you stay at home sending your child to a quality daycare can be beneficial for you. It gives you time to do housework, errands, and possibly even have a little time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty because a parent with less stress is always a better parent.

The last thing you need to do before that first day is go on a tour of the place first. Give you and your child time to get comfortable with the place. Spend as much time as it takes to get you and your child comfortable. Most centers, like Leslie Street Daycare, La Canada Preschool and Mount Royal University welcome parents and children who want to take a tour. Act really excited while your there, and tell your child that its part of being a big boy or girl. Make it something for them to look forward to.

Finally the day has arrived. Drop your child off calmly. Tell them how much fun they will have. Know that they will be okay. If you need to cry that’s okay, but wait until your out of sight of your child. When you pick them up be ready to hear about all the great things they did.


About The Author: Karlee Garner

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