How to pick the best Cebu Van for Hire


There is a lot of Cebu van for hire, like Cebu Prince Cars, within the city and choosing among them can become tricky if you get blinded by the offers alone. Your travel plans might run into some issues if you ever picked the wrong one.  But, lucky for you, we have listed down 3 major considerations when picking the right one out of the many served on your plate.


Don’t get fooled with the price tag on each offer. There times that the price you see is not the final one. There are some who do not list down other charges unless you ask them. Stuff like extensions, overage, covered time of reservation and other things are what you need to ask about. Unless the van for rent in Cebu states that the price is all inclusive of other charges, questions are in need of asking. Also, don’t just ask for 1 or 2 service providers, ask as many as you can and compare them side-by-side. This way, you can clearly see the bigger picture and make the best judgment possible. IG tip: DON’T be afraid to ask. You’ll thank us for it.


The choices among what a van for rent in Cebu have in their lots should have enough variety to suit your taste. Some offer really big and spacious ones despite the fact that you only need so much. Do ask for how much the van can sit. You might be paying for empty seats if you don’t.


We separated this from the first point to put emphasis. Some of us would skip asking about tour packages assuming that they are priced way high. Instead of jumping into such conclusions, do ask if they have packages, like for a tour to Oslob Cebu and/or tour to Moalboal Cebu, and get the breakdown. Chances are taking the package could actually save you money and hassle of setting it all up yourselves.

Just keep these 3 key points in mind and you’re on your way to sign on the best Cebu van for hire for you and your group. Remember – CHOICES!


About The Author: Karlee Garner

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