How To Find The Framework For Memories

Why should you be looking for a picture framer in Toronto? It’s certainly easy enough to find frames and hardware for DIY framing jobs. Wouldn’t it be both faster and cost effective to do this work yourself? But framing pictures in a way that both showcases these images and protects them isn’t just a chore, it’s a craft. When you think of displaying a photo, consider a professional framing company such as Picture It Framed, Michaels and Artists Frames, where artwork isn’t just displayed to its best advantage, but safeguarded.

Standards For Professional Picture Framingpicture frame

While there is no formal course of study for this profession, this type of work is considered crafts person style employment. As a result, there are both various professional organizations and guilds representing professional picture framers. This works to the advantage of both these framers and their would-be clients. In the case of the framer, these organizations provide an opportunity for education, training, and certification. Their clients in turn, are guaranteed work that is carefully done, precisely measured, and framed using materials that will protect both the photograph or painting and the frame itself from dust, dirt, insects, and time.

What’s Suitable For Framing?

As you consider a picture framer in Toronto to help you in displaying that item, you might be asking yourself if a frame is truly suitable for it. Are there ever pictures or other items that shouldn’t be professionally framed? In theory, anything can be framed, but there are times when it is not recommended, largely due to the value of the item. Posters for example, aren’t a good professional framing choice, due to the value and quality of them. And some painting canvasses, due to aesthetics or curatorial concerns shouldn’t be framed. Professional framing is an expensive process, but when correctly done it adds to the value of the framed item, and gives the piece a more finished and professional look.

What Can A Professional Picture Framer Do For You That You Can’t (or shouldn’t) Do For Yourself?

picture framerAs you look at your picture or photograph, keep in mind that truly appropriate framing for your artwork doesn’t just involve sliding your artwork into a generic frame. The right type of frame, down to its weight and color, insuring proper measurements have been taken, and selecting moulding, are all part of a professional framing. Sometimes an item to be framed requires backing, such as matting. If the right kind of adherent isn’t carefully applied to the right kind of matting, the result isn’t only a damaged frame but destroyed artwork. But when this project is placed in the hands of a certified professional framer, clients can be assured that they’re in the hands of a master craftsman within this profession. A certified framer is one who has worked as a professional framer for over a year and passed an extensive written exam on framing techniques, materials, and design. Those framers who can be designated as certified are considered master framers, and experts in overall presentation of your work.

Questions To Ask Before Having Professional Framing Done
Don’t be afraid to discuss materials and mounting methods used in framing your work. Do this before framing actually begins. A good framer will very willingly discus techniques and options with you. Discuss glass options as well for the framed work. Plain glass, although heavier, adequately protects work from dirt and dust. But UV glass might be a better choice for more valuable work, and a professional framer can let you know what your options are here, as well.

And finally, it helps to select a framer in close proximity not only for purposes of conferring but to insure as little time in transit as possible when the work is done. A company like Picture It Framed is a great choice not only for its years of experience, but one that can guarantee a smooth journey for your work from frame shop to your wall.

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