Follow These Tree Pruning Practices For The Garden Of Your Dreams

Gardening is generally viewed as a relaxing activity. This positive view stops at pruning for most people. Pruning is considered a cumbersome chore of gardening by many. But, it can become as enjoyable as the rest of your gardening experience. This can be done with some basic knowledge and proper tools. Here are some general tips and guidelines to make pruning effective as well as easy:
Don’t Go Against Nature

The first rule of pruning is to be mindful of nature. The function of pruning is to enhance the natural looks of your plants. It is not to modify their shape or size. Make sure you choose a plant considering its size and location. This ensures that later modifications are not required. Pruning is only required to remove unwanted growth. It can also enhance shape. Pruning promotes foliage and flowering too.
When To Prune Your Shrubs

Pruning cannot be done at any time of the year. Avoid pruning your shrubs in late summer or beginning of autumn because pruning stimulates new growth. This will minimize damage to budding growth by sudden cold weather.

Shrubs that flower in the Canadian spring include lilac and flowering almond. They bloom on ‘old wood’. This means that they grow on the plant last season. They are fully bloomed by the current one. The best time to prune these shrubs would be immediately after they bloom. This would maximize flower production in the coming years.

Shrubs that bloom in summer or beginning of autumn include hydrangea and butterfly bush. These bloom on ‘new wood’. This means that the flowers grow in the growth season this spring. These shrubs should be pruned just as spring begins.

Tree pruning from professionals like Great Northern Regreenery is recommended. This should be followed every two to three years for optimum health of your shrubs.

Tool Care And Steps For Pruning

Effective pruning requires clean, sharp and good quality tools. After each pruning cycle, clean your tools thoroughly. One part rubbing alcohol or bleach to ten parts distilled water in a spray bottle works as an effective cleaning solution. Now, keep in mind the following steps:

Step One: Pull out dead wood or old stems by making a cut near the stem’s base.
Step Two: Remove any of the younger stems around the growth areas.
Step Three: Place cuts right above the buds in the direction that you want the growth for improved air circulation.

An Overview 

Pruning is essential to keeping your garden in good shape. Make sure you follow the rhythms of the nature when deciding to prune your plant. Also consider tools wisely. Canada has a range of professional tree pruning services for your assistance. You definitely need these services if your gardens are expansive.

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