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Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Services in York


Five of the most important questions to ask before you hire a company for tree services in York. Finding the best service company is a rigorous task, but with the right pointers, you can make it fun.

Taking care of trees requires a professional who is trained and is aware of all the risk he/she faces whenever doing the job. Whenever you are in need of tree care services, it is encouraged you seek such services from professionals for efficiency and safety. People who handle tree services are trained to take care of themselves and to provide the best service for their customers. Here below are five compulsory questions to ask before getting tree services in York.

Ask for Insurance cover

Before hiring a service provider, you should ensure the person you are giving the job is qualified and insured. If they are not insured, you risk being liable of the dangers that may arise during the process.


Most of the service providers like showing testimonies made by the customers they served in the past so as to assure their customers of quality services. Asking for references is a move that will get you closer to hiring the best service provider.


Some people may opt to start the tree service company even without meeting the necessary requirements and end up offering poor services. Asking for credentials is recommended.

The Duration

Another important question you should ask is how long it will take them to handle the project. Some companies charge depending on the time it will cost them to prune or cut the trees. You may encounter such companies, and if you fail to ask such a question, you could end up paying more for the job that what is actually needed.

The Job approaches

It is important to know how the company will approach the job, what equipment they will use and how safe is the equipment.
Looking for tree services in York? The above are some question you should ask before hiring one. There several companies’ offering such services and Dave Lund Tree Service and Forestry is one of them. They provide quality services at an affordable price.


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