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Finding the Best Storage Units in North York

Storage UnitsThese are only a few simple tips to remember when keeping your storage units in North York organized. Checking up on your storage facility every few months for cleaning may be necessary.

When it comes to tidying up the home or office, sometimes it can come to the measure of needing a storage unit. Finding the perfect storage units in North York, was easy right? Now, you’re on your way to moving in and getting everything packed away neatly. When it comes to moving things away into the moving truck itself, packing a self storage space can take a bit of planning.

With the below tips, keep everything together and pack your storage container with ease.

Boxes and Labels

After you’ve moved everything in to the new storage unit, you need to work on keeping things in the right kind of packaging. Use boxes and labels to give yourself the best organized practices for your new unit. Using the right size boxes is a very key to keeping an organized unit. It is important to keep your boxes well labeled, and stacked on top of each other properly. When labeling, make sure that you are as specific as possible, to avoid confusion when trying to locate certain office or home items.

Cover Your Stuff

Most storage units in North York offer packaging supplies and might even include furniture covers. It is important to cover your items with covers or upholstery bags. These items should be number one on your list to get yourself organized and keep your stuff looking new. Keeping dust off your items can also help keep them from being tarnished and used again in the future. Consult your current or new storage facility management for more information.

Clear a Path

While it might sound like something simple, remember to keep your storage unit looking clean and neat by leaving a place to walk. When you are moving about the unit, you don’t want to have to try and maneuver around by ducking, or pirouetting to try and get to that item in the back of the unit. Whether or not it’s a straight shot into the back and then left to right, or a single loop around a few boxes in the middle of the room, you need to be able to get to every section in the area safely.

Before you packed everything into boxes and decided to take it to your new storage unit, you may have made an inventory list. This is important to hold on to and keep somewhere safe. This list will be a guide to your entire storage unit(s). Not only will it keep you from forgetting where things are, but if you ever need a reference, you’ll have something to fall back on. Contact your local storage unit to find out what is best practice for your individual needs.


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