Don’t Let Damaged Trees Trip-up Your Road Trip!

road trip

Road trips conjure up nostalgia and a change to make new memories all while being a great (and cost effective) way to make it to your destination. In preparation for a road trip, it is important to get your vehicle inspected (or rent a vehicle), stock up on supplies, map out your route, plan activities and pack your belongings so that you are prepared for anything. Being prepared for anything also means being prepared for a road emergency or a delay.

Natural disasters, accidents and other damage can pose a significant problem when on a road trip. In particular, damaged trees can wreak havoc on your plans by increasing travel time. Downed power lines and fallen trees often litter the roadway after a large storm or even a traffic accident. Traffic will be detoured if possible and you may find yourself unexpectedly spending part of you road trip in an unfamiliar place for longer than anticipated.

tree removalTree removal in Toronto can vary in time depending on the cause of the fallen tree and how widespread the damage is. Main roadways, particularly those that lead to hospitals, will take priority over smaller tertiary roads. Depending on your location, tree removal in Toronto may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Another factor that affects removal time is who the tree actually belongs to. If the tree is located on personal property, tree removal in Toronto is left up to the owner of that property. If the tree is located on public property then it would be the public entity’s responsibility to remove it. In emergency situations who the tree belongs to is less of a consideration. In the event the municipality has to remove a tree on personal property for emergency reasons (for example, a tree that has fallen on an occupied vehicle), the private owner may later be held financially responsible for the tree removal.

Though you cannot predict a disaster, it is very important to have a secondary plan in the event that your road trip is delayed due to a fallen tree that causes a detour. Research alternate routes in advance so you will be familiar with your surroundings and are able to continue your trip. Have extra cash in case you need to rent a hotel for a day or two and to buy additional food and supplies if you need to. Though a disaster is something that will most likely not affect your road trip, you will be very happy that you took the additional time to map out a great back-up plan.


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