Do You Know That All Pallets Are Not Created Equal?

All pallets are not created equal. Wood is a sustainable and highly-valued resource. Providing quality wood pallets is what companies in Toronto like Woodbridge Pallet Ltd. and Paramout Pallet. With the increasing demand for packaging solutions, the use of wood provides quality and low cost. Shipping with wood packaging is economical and environmentally friendly and now with all the do-it-yourself (DIY) customers love to transform recyclable wooden pallets.

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When you consider all the product that is moved from location to location. Wood pallets you might say, ‘move North America’. The are built in various sizes from 6 inches to 16 feet and built in the design that can move your product efficiently and still be cost effective.

The wood packaging industry is constantly improving design and even how to load the units to be safe. Pallets are in demand but won’t be efficient without a bit of research to the customer’s need. Being able to reuse the pallets is another efficient aspect of how the wood packaging is environmentally sound.

palletsIt’s known that your goal is to complete an on time order to satisfy your customer. Having that mind set means pallet companies will meet your needs on time, every time. Continuing to provide the best quality pallets for you to deliver your products to your customer’s warehouses across the country. Pallets are made in different grades. There are high grade and industrial grade hardwood lumber for not only domestic but also overseas markets.

Customers may or may not know they have choices of the type of pallet they need. They know their product and how much it weighs but depend on others to determine the type of pallet is needed. It is procedure to set down with customers and access what type of pallet design they need for their products. Using PDS design software allows customers to see the specifications of the pallet’s design. Allowing them to customize their pallet, weight, type of wood, capacity, durability,and lifespan.

Manufacturing begins as soon as it has been determined the type of pallet the customer needs. Considering the wide variance of capability of the software it can determine the weight capacity, the load stability, and durability of each manufactured pallet.

With computerized ability, the machine builds pallets with quality and capacity you expect.


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