Comfort and Competence Occur At The Dental Practice in Stoney Creek, Canada

Many dental practices today across North America are able to provide high-quality diagnostic and treatment for several periodontal issues. These can be tailored from toddler to senior, and may range from the general check-up to denture care. Some practices offer Saturday and evening hours for appointments and make that known on their respective website. Over a lifetime, each identified age group has its unique dental concerns.

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Growth and Development

The First few years of one’s life include the formation of the jaw, growth of baby teeth later to be replaced by a set of permanent teeth as part of natural development. Corrective measures to restore alignment may be necessary during adolescence or young adulthood. Issues related to aging may present with subsequent periodontal issues. For example, it is widely held periodontal disease symptoms often include bad breath, bleeding gums during eating or brushing, loose teeth, or change in oral structure seen on exam and digital x-ray. An Article found at asserts that a simple dental exam can spot lesions in the mouth, tongue and neck that show indications of precancerous development. Furthermore, it is noted that numerous virus and bacterial-related diseases first appear within the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The “Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary” defines mucous membranes as, “The thin skin that covers the inside surface of parts of the body such as the nose and mouth, and produces mucus to protect them.”


dentistPersonnel at the Dental Office in Stoney Creek provide a comfortable, relaxed, assuring atmosphere for the patrons they serve regardless of age. A good reason for the Dental and Denture Office atmosphere is the training each has received is commensurate with the area in which they function within the practice. A Dentist practicing in Ontario Canada, has met rigorous standards post degree put in place by the RCDSO, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. A student wishing to embark on a profession in Dentistry is required by Canadian law to complete at least two years of an accredited undergraduate program prior to entering Dental School. There are said to be ten Dental Schools in Canada, two of which are in Ontario. The practice of Dentistry in Canada is estimated to be about 150-years-old.

A vital part of the practice at the Dental and Denture Office in Stoney Creek, Canada, and elsewhere is the Denturist. The Denturist training program begins post high school. It is recommended that someone training for this profession receive an Associate’s Degree first with a background in Science. It is estimated that across Canada there are about 2000 Denturists. Four colleges are said to offer Denturist Programs. Most work as independent practitioners, and have a very detailed three year course of study beyond the first two years of college or university. In addition to demonstrating good manual dexterity and creativity, course study includes Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Orofacial Anatomy, Psychology of Dentistry, Dental Histology and Embryology, Complete Denture Prosthodontics, Oral Pathology and Medicine, etc.

The practicing Denturist is specialized in the field of removable oral prostheses. Noted, for about sixty years, Denturists have been legally recognized as a profession within Oro-Facial Medicine.

The denturist’s job description includes performing a detailed Medical and Dental History exam as part of the oral exam. Additionally, making impressions, jaw relation records, designing partial or permanent dentures, placement of dentures and patient follow-up, supervising auxiliary personnel assisting in like manner. All personnel, of course, are accountable to one another but solely the Dentist overseeing the Dental Office in Stoney Creek.


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