Changing the Landscape of Your Location One Tree at a Time

Okay, let’s say that you are out in your little garden. Let’s say that you have a tree or two that needs to be moved to somewhere else. Well here are a few simple tips for making the tree moving process that much easier.


Let me just note that you can get these tips from Caledon Treeland too. To learn more about the brand, visit their site.




Some of you might have one sitting in your backyard and not even know it. If you want to know if you have a deciduous tree, there are lots of little tree sites online. Your best bet is to get acclimated with these sites before doing anything.


With this out of the way, let’s get back to the topic at hand. The best time to move this tree is during the early spring period. Come early fall, it will start to leaf out. During the “leafing out” time it becomes almost impossible to really get some good out of the move. Why? It’s during the early fall and winter months the deciduous trees establish themselves. This makes it a bad time.



You might also want to move your evergreens during this time too. Late summer is even better. Once fall comes around, you are not going to get anywhere.




This all falls under the “moving of the tree” process. The idea is to get the pruning done well before you move your tree. If you are going to transplant your tree during the spring, the fall is a great time to start pruning. Do this all before the leaves drop. Now, if you are going to do be moving the tree in the fall, the opposite applies. The time to start pruning is during the spring time.


You have to keep this process in mind. Why? The shrubs and tree roots go beyond the soil. Some of the roots go really deep. Knowing when to move your tree at the optimum time will give your tree a chance to adjust.




1) Keep the soils separate.
separate soil


2) The planting hole needs to be the same as the root ball and about 3 times as big.
plot hole


3) Both 1 and 2 need to be done first, before anything else is even thought about. This is a small tip I got from Caledon Treeland


4) Tie up the branches and mark the north side.
tied branches


The above four are just to get you started out. Remember, do not saturate your tree with water. You only need enough to keep it moist and fresh. Anything after this will be overkill.


For more details visit the brand Caledon brand online. They have some amazing tips to help you get the most out of your tree moving experience.
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