Biting Into North Cebu’s Delicacy with a Cebu Self Drive Car Rental

The northern part of Cebu is never behind in creating a buzz, most especially when it comes to delicacies. From Mandaue to Talamban to Liloan and beyond, Northern Cebu has created a name for itself by providing the most sought after delights and you can explore each one of them if you have reserved a Cebu self drive car rental. Here are some of them.


Bibingka of Mandaue

Bibingka is basically a fluffy rice cake that is sweet yet not overwhelming and the best is found in Mandaue. Unlike some who use commercially available rice flour, Mandaue makers primarily use manually pounded rice which is then mixed with coconut milk, sugar, and tuba (fermented coconut wine) to replace yeast. The tuba is also what sets their bibingka apart because it adds a zing to the overall flavor profile and is not just a mere leavening agent. If you have a self-drive cars Cebu, you greatly enjoy your bibingka without having to worry about time and commuting!


Rosquillos of Liloan


Rosquillos are round cookies with scalloped edges made of flour, shortening, eggs, and baking powder. They originated in Liloan when Margarita “Titay” Frasco invented them in 1907. On record, the Spanish term, which translates to ringlet, was coined by President Sergio Osmeña. Travel to Liloan now to get the best and original rosquillos with your car for rent Cebu.


Masareal of Mandaue

A humble mixture of ground peanuts, sugar, and water, masareal has kept its fame as a sweet bar packed in 5 or 6 in paper and secured in twine. Regardless of age, it has always been a must-have for visitors who are about to depart from Cebu. On its earlier times, production was scarce because of the rigorous process to make a batch but due to the advancements, production has increased by utilizing modern equipment but there are still those who follow the old ways. A note of caution: do consume immediately if you can because its shelf life is short and will not last beyond two weeks at most. So, do hurry and drive your Cebu self drive car rental and buy your pack before they run out.


See? Northern Cebu has a lot to offer and you can bite into a morsel of each of these delights if you’re able to drive your car for rent Cebu. Book a ride with Cebu Prince and Princess Rent a Car & Services and get there now!


About The Author: Karlee Garner

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