5 Ways To Prep Your Items For Storage At Centron Self Storage

Whether you are painting or modifying a house, de-cluttering for a house sale, or attempting to get means to protect vintage furniture, getting a suitable storage space can be a challenge.

Whatever the situation might be, instead of ditching that antique furniture, hoard it. Centron Self Storage services is one of the perfect ways to keep all your furniture secure, protected, and maintained up to the time its needed again.

Making sure your furniture stays in good condition might be a hard task. However, with these simple tips, you can secure your property.
furniture storage
1. Research your storage options

With furniture, protecting them from the elements is vital. Ponder all of your alternatives ahead of picking a storage space. If you are staid about preserving these furnishings in storage over the long term, you will likely require both humidity and temperature control. This alternative will ensure that your precious furnishings are protected from varying temperatures and humidity. On top of that, it will maintain the temperatures so that the place will be bearable when you visit.
2. Clean everything

You should never hoard filthy items in your self-storage unit. Since you are not the only one in the storage facility, any unpleasant smell will move to nearby units- not a good way to be a neighbor. On top of that, cleaning will considerably reduce the chances of mold accumulating and the amount of dirt in your storage facility.

When cleaning plastic or wooden furnishing, a little detergent and water should do the cleaning. For wooden items, particularly antiques, use a wood cleaner such as Murphy Oil soap to keep the existing finish on the wood. Make sure you wash fabric pieces as well, such as couches or seat cushions, using fabric or upholstery cleaner. Ensure that all the items are dry before you begin the packing.
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3. Take everything apart

Before you load everything into the truck, it is good to disassemble them all. Items that should be disassembled include bookshelves, desks, and chairs since it will make your van, and afterward your storage facility, much easier to organize. It will as well reduce the probability of damaging or scratching anything. Put all small items such as bolts, screws and Allen wrenches in a labeled bag, place them alongside the furniture to which they belong.
covered furnitures
4. Cover it up

You must not store uncovered furniture in your storage unit. Make use of aged sheets, blankets, or drop cloths in covering the items and protect them from moisture and dust. Thick plastic wrappers seal in moisture, so it should never be used to prepare furniture. Ensure that everything is correctly wrapped.
glass fittings
5. Protect glass fittings

Glass tabletops and mirrors, justifiably, need some extra safety measures. First, wrap up the item with the packing paper. Never tape the paper straight to the glass, as it will leave a spiteful residue for you to wash later. After that, you can either cover it with a bubble wrapper or place it in a box for extra security.


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