3 Ways to Look for a Better Job

In today’s economy, nobody can afford to stand still and nobody expects to remain in one place.

Companies constantly hire and fire as their organizational structures, goals and products change. Employees always have to be ready for the next opportunity to move up.

But you’re so busy at your current job you barely have time to unwind. What can you do?
Beyond the Resume

The old ways of looking for jobs are dying, if not already dead. Filling out applications and emailing resumes is too slow and uncertain for modern companies. When they need to fill a position, they need it filled today. And they don’t want to sort through all the old applications. The truth is, everybody is self-employed. You may have only one “client,” and they are technically your employers, and you cannot ethically perform work for anybody else while they are paying for your time. And even on your own time, you should not work for any direct competitors. However, your career is your own, and you have primary responsibility for maximizing your career for the sake of yourself and your family.

Make Hunting for Your Next Big Job Part of Your Daily Life

That may sound weird when most of your day to day routine consists of working for your current employer. Of course, you must first of all give them the full benefit of the time they pay for. However, they don’t own you every minute of every day, and you have to plan for the future.

Fortunately, you can do things on a routine basis which will help your future. Best of all, by enhancing your professional status, you’re also helping your current employment.

The time to build your professional network and reputation on the world’s largest business and career social media site is before you need to find a new job. Complete your entire profile. Optimize your education and job history, making sure everybody who reads it will understand the value you bring to the table. Join and become active in LinkedIn groups for your profession.

Professional Groups

Join Professional Groups

Whether you’re an accountant, a software developer or a machine shop manager, there’s a professional organization for you. Join it. Become active. If there are live meetings near your city and province, attend. Volunteer for some of the grunt work nobody else wants to do. That’s a terrific way to become known to all the other members.

Contact an Executive Recruiter

Try a firm such as Vertex Recruiting Solutions Corporation. They get paid to find qualified applicants for open jobs.

Your next big job is out there. Do the best job you can for your current employer, become active so you’re well-known, and let a good recruiting firm know what kinds of positions you’re interested in.


About The Author: Karlee Garner

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